About Boyraz

Your reliable partner on miracle Anatolian food products.Boyraz family immigrated to Turkey 300 years ago from middle of Asia and located to Malatya city. Six sons of family established Boyrazoğlu Tarım Ticaret San. Ltd. Şti in 1982, as to carry their production to export and to have strong brand name in the food market. In 1991 Boyraz Ltd. started to Organic Production and exportation of their owned projected products.

About Boyraz WHO WE ARE?


Our company carries on its reliable brand name as growing up every year. Our main establishment headquarter are located in Malatya. We have sales office in Izmir. Our own family farms 70.000 da and orchards spread on 17.000 da. The land is owned by the very well rooted native Boyraz family which comprises of 5 villages and two towns for the last 4 generations Boyraz Organic Project is controlled by Ecocert since 1991, one of the oldest organic projects of the apricots in Turkey. The area is located in North Western region of Malatya in the Kaynarca Valley between the famous Hekimhan and Darende. The project land is surrounded by mountains and remains in habitat which is absolutely perfect for the Organic farming. These areas are only for Organic Dried Apricots, Pulses. Our other projects are at the product grown areas as Izmir- Manisa- Aydýn-Sakarya, Bursa cities. We are supplying our strong on Organic food business with conscious 360 farmers.


In knowledge that we are food supplier, the Quality always goes before the price and we believe strong business relations can built on the quality. We structured our company on this principal. Through our own sale team, you will be supplying the products in direct route from grower to you under international quality control organizations such ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000:2005. Our organic products are controlled from the farming to full process and certified by USDA ORGANIC and KOSHER.


The productions are manufactured by the master instructors and experienced, expert crew of the company. It is strengthening its position in the sector day by day with pre-sale and post-sale services. The business understanding is to have good friends ship instead of just simple customers. That is the reason for the ultimate growth of business of BOYRAZ. It also takes into consideration consumer demand and broadens its product variety accordingly. BOYRAZ is a world-wide exporter of its own products all over the world and our long-termed customers and we take our pride in having the most satisfied and loyal customers.

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